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Fargo Season 5 Will Happen But Not This Year Says Creator

Noah Hawley, creator of FX’s critically-acclaimed anthology series, Fargo, confirms that there will be a fifth season, but not this year.

Fargo creator, Noah Hawley, says season 5 will happen, but not this year. Based on the acclaimed Coen Brothers’ movie of the same name, Fargo is an anthology series that sees each season set in a different location (though usually in Minnesota) and centering around a different crime and new set of characters. The first season, which starred Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton, took some inspiration from the film, while the following three seasons revolved around original plots. The black-comedy series has featured top talent, including Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Ewan McGregor, Colin Hanks and Ted Danson. Like the film, the FX series has received critical acclaim since its first season premiered in 2014.

Fargo season 4 wrapped up at the end of last year and was seen as a slight departure from the other seasons, particularly as it was the first season to not take place in Minnesota. Set in 1950s Kansas City, Missouri, season 4 starred Chris Rock as Loy Cannon, the head of an African-American crime family, who, as part of a strange tradition, trades their youngest son with rival Italian gang, the Fadda family. The season followed the two gangs as they battle for power over Kansas City, while exploring complicated family history and dynamics. Like previous seasons, the fourth installment was well-received by critics, and fans have been eager for a new season.

According to Deadline, during a virtual SXSW chat, Hawley confirmed a fifth season of Fargo, but says that he does not know when it will happen. The series creator says that he will start working on it next year. “It will happen, but I’m not in a place where I’m writing on that yet, but I’m definitely excited to do one on some level,” said Hawley. “I have to store up ten hours of what there is to say, so I have my notepad and keep writings things down.”

Hawley added, “I’ll get to it in the next year.” Hawley previously spoke about the possibility of a fifth season before the fourth season even premiered, saying that he would not rule out a season 5. Hawley has other projects in the works, including his new Star Trek movie, which Paramount put on hold last summer, though Hawley has said the script is finished.

Typically, there are a couple years in between each Fargo season, so it’s not a surprise that season 5 wouldn’t be ready for at least another year. Considering the level of quality that the show puts out, the wait time between each season is understandable. While each season serves as its own self-contained story and does not necessarily need to be followed up, a fifth season is still highly-anticipated by fans. Going by past installments, it seems that fans have a lot to look forward to with season 5.

Source: Deadline