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Yunnan TV (YNTV) is a TV Station based in Kunming in the Chinese Province of Yunnan. This station has six channels, including Satellite Channel (YNTV-1), Economic & Life Channel (YNTV-2), Travel & Nationality Channel (YNTV-3), Sports & Entertainment Channel (YNTV-4), Movie Channel (YNTV-5) and Public Channel (YNTV-6). 

Address 73 Renmin Xilu
Phone +86 (0)871 531 0107 / 0278
Fax +86 (0)871 531 0916 / 0885
Email yntv@yntv.com.cn
Official website http://www.yntv.cn/forenotice/?channel=yntv1
Living Streaming Update Soon
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