Rrokum - Serbia Television

Rrokum is the first Cable and Internet TV channel, a new medium of JAVA Multimedia Production (JMP), which builds on the success and experience of JAVA Newspaper, caters programs to diverse Kosovar audiences, based on the topics of utmost importance for Kosovar society’s political, economic, social, and culture growth. The success and the experience that the JAVA Multimedia Production has had with the JAVA newspaper have been crucial in formulation and initiation of the Rrokum.TV. Starting March 1, 2007, JAVA Multimedia Production, the publisher of the JAVA newspaper has began with the broadcast of the Rrokum.TV, a very new alternative form of doing television in Kosovo. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through Cable TV and Internet. Due to the nature of its broadcast and the viewership limited to those with access to CableTV operators and Internet-Live TV streaming. As such, the JMP has ensured larger but also viewership among younger generations of Prishtina. 

Address Gazmend Zajmi (ex “Dubrovniku”)
Phone +381 (0)38 222 272
Fax +381 (0)38 223 272
Email info@rrokum.tv
Official website http://www.rrokum.tv
Living Streaming Update Soon
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