WCML PBS Alpena - United States Television

United States WCML PBS Alpena - United States Television

WCML is a full service television station in Alpena, Michigan, broadcasting on local digital UHF channel 24 and virtual channel 6. Founded in 1975, it is a member station of CMU Public Television, with programming provided by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). It is a multiplexed channel, with its main programming available on 6.1, a simulcast of the same programming on 6.2 and on channel 6.3 is Create, a public television network that runs mainly how-to, DIY, and other non-commercial educational television shows. Its main studios are located on the campus of Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, where WCMU-TV, the main station, has its broadcast facilities. CMU Public Broadcasting has provided television and radio programming and other outreach activities for over 30 years to residents of Michigan and portions of Ontario. CMU Public Broadcasting is the largest university-owned public broadcasting network in the nation. CMU Public Broadcasting’s mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire Michigan residents with quality programming and outreach services. CMU Public Television produces local shows as well, such as "Ask The Specialists," "Destination Michigan," ONE PERSON, ONE IDEA: The New Michigan Entrepreneur" and "Quiz Central."

Address1999 E. Campus Drive
Phone+1 989 774 3105 / 800 727 9268
Fax+1 989 774 4427
Official websitehttp://www.wcmu.org
Live Streaming
LogoWCML PBS Alpena

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