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United States KXTV-TV Sacramento - United States Television

KXLA is a full service television station in Rancho Palos Verdes, California broadcasting on local digital UHF channel 51 and virtual channel 44 to the Los Angeles area. Founded in 1986 as KRPA, it is owned by Rancho Palos Verdes Broadcasters, Inc. KXLA offers unique multicultural programming that includes a mixture of shows that target many different Asian cultures. KXLA's channel is multiplexed, with ten subchannels. Channel 44.1 airs KXLA's main programming, with Asian-language programs; 44.2 broadcasts Spanish independent channel Hispanic Vision; 44.3 shows KTN, with Korean programs; 44.4 carries CRTV, with Asian-language paid programming; 44.5 offers Arirang, a Korean language channel; 44.6 airs IAVC, with Mandarin-language programs; 44.7 broadcasts New Tang Dynasty TV, with Mandarin-language programs; 44.8 shows ICN, with Mandarin-language programs; 44.9 carries Tele Fe Cristiana, a Spanish-language Christian inspirational channel, and 44. 10 offers a simulcast of Armenian-language station KVMD.

Address400 Broadway
Phone+1 916 441 2345, +1 800 795 5988
Fax+1 916 321 3384 / 441 3054 / 441 3145
Emaildesk@news10.net - comments@kxtv.com
Official websitehttp://www.news10.net
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LogoKXTV-TV Sacramento

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